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Funding Priorities

100 percent of your donation will be used for the purposes specified. Unrestricted gifts will be directed to the areas of greatest need. The St. Mary's Foundation's operational costs are paid by St. Mary's Medical Center. We appreciate all gifts.

Kids in Motion

The goal of Kids in Motion is to get kids ages 5-17 moving and having fun, while also learning about fitness and nutrition. Body Mass Index, body fat percentage and blood pressure are tracked throughout the program to measure progress and to customize the program to fit each individual. Children utilize exergaming equipment, which combines video games and exercise. Some of the activities include iDance, which is similar to the popular Dance Dance Revolution game and the T-wall, where players try to quickly touch surfaces as they light up in various sequences. Participants compete with each other as well as their previous scores in order to earn points for prizes.

Kids in Motion is not just about fun and games, however. Participants and their parents or guardians also receive important nutrition education through several activities, including grocery store tours. Another major component of the program provides opportunities for the children participating to improve their self-esteem.

Hospitality House

St. Mary's Hospitality House is an extension of the mission of St. Mary's Medical Center and is generously supported by the The Foundation at St. Mary's, the St. Mary's Auxiliary and countless community partners and friends. The house is our way to further support patients and their families by providing the necessities of shelter, nourishment and emotional support in their most vulnerable moments, when they or someone they know and love is in a medical crisis.

Pink Ribbon Fund

The Pink Ribbon Fund at St. Mary’s Breast Center was formed in 2006 to help ensure that all women have access to mammography services. Many women do not get annual mammograms due to a lack of health insurance or being underinsured. The fund pays for screening mammograms for these women to eliminate the financial barrier to getting a mammogram.

Since the Pink Ribbon Fund began, many women throughout the Tri-State have had a mammogram without any financial obligation. The fund’s designation was recently expanded to include diagnostic services due to the generous support of donors in the community through events like PATH to the Cure and the Ladies in Pink Luncheon.

The majority of the proceeds from Path to the Cure goes towards St. Mary’s Pink Ribbon Fund and some of the proceeds will also go to the continued development and maintenance of the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH), a bicycle and pedestrian trail system for the City of Huntington.

One hundred percent of donations to the Pink Ribbon Fund are used to help women in the Tri-State area maintain their breast health.

Donors of The Foundation have provided funds to….

  • pay for mammograms and other diagnostic services for uninsured and underinsured women in our community, potentially detecting cancer at an early stage and saving lives
  • equip local EMS ambulances with 12 lead EKGs to expedite cardiac care when they arrive at the hospital, potentially saving heart muscles and lives
  • purchase and distribute 100 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) throughout Cabell, Lincoln and Wayne Counties
  • purchase Automated External Defibrillators for 10 area Little League fields
  • improve the education of student nurses, most of whom find employment within a 50-mile radius of Huntington, and other health professionals with a state-of-the-art school and simulation laboratories
  • scholarships for students entering the nursing field
  • purchase ultrasound equipment for a new sonography program in the School of Medical Imaging
  • encourage high school students to consider a career in healthcare with a summer camp
  • offer specialized physician care (robotically) to hospitals in rural areas, improving care and potentially saving lives
  • offer assistance to uninsured and underinsured patients who need medications and medical equipment at discharge
  • provide pedometers and incentives for walking programs in over 20 area elementary schools
  • educate kids with high-risk factors for heart disease through a program of diet and exercise that not only improves their health, but their self esteem
  • offer free helmets to kids and educate them on the importance of wearing them when riding a bike, ATV, skateboard and/or motorcycle
  • educate parents on how to properly install infant child seats to reduce the risk of injury or fatality in an accident
  • offer pediatric patients home-like surroundings, including access to video gaming systems to divert their attention from their hospital stay
  • offer families of critical-care patients a warm, comforting environment during their stressful stay at the hospital
  • support the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health, a pedestrian trail throughout the Huntington area for all to use
  • provide sharps containers for all Huntington Police Department vehicles to reduce needlestick injuries
  • many other programs and services to support the health and education in our region